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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Subject: Fw: Obama Stops Wounded Soldier from Speaking!

*Subject:* OBAMA STOPS WOUNDED SOLDIER FROM SPEAKING!! Sent by Retired Vice Admiral Bob Scarborough, of Arlington , Va. 

"I wanted to give you all some disturbing information on our wonderful president. I work with the Catch-A-Dream Foundation, which provides hunting and fishing trips to children with life-threatening illnesses.

This past weekend we had our annual banquet/fundraiser event in Starkville. As a part of our program, we had scheduled Sgt. 1st Class Greg Stube to come; he's a highly decorated U.S. Army Green Beret and
inspirational speaker who was severely injured while deployed overseas and didn't have much of a chance for survival.

Greg is stationed at Ft. Bragg , NC and received permission from his commanding officer to come speak at our function.

Everything was on go until Obama made a policy that NO U.S. SERVICEMAN CAN SPEAK AT ANY "FAITH-BASED" PUBLIC EVENTS ANYMORE.

Needless to say, Greg had to cancel his speaking event with us.
Didn't know if anyone else was aware of this new policy. Wonder what kind of news we all will receive next?

You're just starting to see the Obamanation. Is our religion on the list next??? I don't know about you, but this makes me furious.

This is just how the Nazis did it in the 1930s -- slowly, one step at a time. If you don't see the similarities, you are truly blind.

This should be sent to everyone regardless of party

The Staff: When will Americans wake up and see this traitor for what he is?


Christina said...

Too bad this soldier could not speak at your meeting BUT why would any group, in their right minds, take a sick child on a hunting trip? Can't this group so something spiritual and loving for children other slaughtering a live animal? That is disgusting.
I'm sure this won't be approved by the blog author.

D. Walker said...

You need to read the posting once again as this was "NOT" my meeting. I simply posted this for all to read and decide for themselves what to think.

This foundation appears to try to make possible dreams for very sick children that otherwise would not happen.

One more thing, I didn't see where they were taking someone hunting but speaking about it. Did you miss the word "Fishing" as they do that also. You appear to want to cease freedom of speech if it doesn't fit your thinking.

As a small child my father took me fishing many times and now that he has passed I often remember what a wonderful time I had with him.

Today parents DON'T take the time with there children as in the past and see what we have. Enough of that for now.

We may not like hearing some things but we have the right to say them. As free people, we DON'T have to listen and can leave.Surprise, your comment is posted.

One more thing, do you eat meat or fish?

Anonymous said...

This is not a true story. The Obama administration doesn't have a policy about soldiers speaking at faith-based events, but the DOD does, dating back to 1997. You should check out your stories first before posting.

D. Walker said...

For anyone seeking the correct information, go to Catch-A-Dream and seek the link below.


There is some truth to the post and also some inaccurate information. Thanks to the person who brought this to our attention.

Thanks You

Mark Holland said...

The Truth:
There is no new policy by the Obama Administration forbidding U.S. Servicemen from appearing at faith-based fund raising events.

We have found Department of Defense (DOD) ethics polices dating back as far as 1997 that prohibited DOD employees from officially endorsing or appearing to endorse membership drives or fundraising activities for non-federal entities.

Dr. Marty Brunson, the executive director of the Catch-A Dream Foundation, told TruthorFiction.com that Sergeant First Class Greg Stube was a scheduled guest speaker for the 8th Annual Catch the Vision event hosted on May 16, 2009 by the Starkville Gun Club, about 120 miles North East of Jackson, Mississippi. Stube's permission to speak was revoked by his commanding officer although this was not because of any new policy of the Obama administration, as the email implied.

Sergeant Stube is with U.S. Army Special Forces and was seriously injured in 2006 while serving in Afghanistan. An improvised explosive device (IED) set off by the Taliban detonated and sent a one-pound piece of shrapnel through his hip and his intestines. He also lost part of his leg from the fire blast of the explosion but miraculously survived the ordeal.

The Catch-A Dream Foundation is a non profit organization that provides outdoor experiences to children with life-threatening illness.

The originator of the email was not an employee at Catch-A-Dream but a volunteer who sent out his complaint to a few friends and it eventually avalanched on World Wide Web.

updated 07/09/10

Open said...

The picture you show of the Obama's saluting the flag with their left arms has clearly been photo shopped. If you were interested in running a site where we could actually get real independant information you would have researched it. Look at the medals on the Marines chest and you can see they are on the wrong side. A detail the photo shopper forgot to change.

Anonymous said...

The obamas wedding rings are exactly where they are supposed to be, so i do not believe it was photo shopped.